Making it easy to be a successful Secretary

For new Secretaries or those who need a refresher

Dates: Tuesday 28th May 2019
Tuesday 04th June 2019
Tuesday 11th June 2019

Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Venue: Online

Cost: 34.95

Making it easy to be a successful Secretary

Why attend this series?

With the considerable amount of responsibility and work involved in being a secretary, anyone who wants to save time and have an easier time in the role should attend no matter how experienced or new to the role they are. A secretary has arguably one of the biggest task lists in the club. And that’s why we have designed a webinar series to make the huge job an easier one.

Who should attend?

A webinar designed for those who have volunteered or have been volunteered to take on one of the most important jobs at a grassroots sports club – the Secretary, including:

  • Long-standing secretaries
  • New secretaries
  • Anyone contemplating standing for the role
  • Anyone who assists a Secretary and wants to understand the tasks at hand
  • Any committee members looking for information on how to support their Secretary.

What attendees will learn

Participants will learn:

  • The role of the Secretary
  • Working with a President
  • The key responsibilities of a Secretary
  • Legislative responsibilities
  • Planning responsibilities
  • Communications responsibilities
  • Facilitating Committee meetings and preparing for an AGM

Got a question about this webinar series? Email us at for more information.

Session times

Session 1 – Roles and responsibilities of a club Secretary

Session 2 – Legislative responsibilities of a club Secretary

Session 3 – Knowledge and relationship management

Session 4 – Facilitating committee meetings and planning for AGM’s


What better way to start off your club’s year than with high-quality training and preparation.

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