Attracting and maintaining awesome sponsors to your sports club

Creative Ways to Attract Sponsors - Afternoon Series

Dates: Tuesday 30th July 2019
Tuesday 06th August 2019
Tuesday 13th August 2019

Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Venue: Online

Cost: $34.95

Attracting and maintaining awesome sponsors to your sports club

The “Creating ways to attract sponsors” webinar series is designed for club administrators, committee members or club members who wish to learn about sponsorship and how to attract and retain sponsors to their club.

For many clubs, sponsorship is the financial lifeblood of the club. Raising funds through sponsorship doesn’t have to be difficult, but before we look at the strategies for attracting and maximising sponsorship packages let’s look at some basic fundamental concepts of sponsorship.

Put simply, sponsorship is a mutually beneficial business relationship between two parties, the business (sponsor) and the club (sponsored).

In terms of sporting clubs, having sponsors can significantly help clubs to reach their goals and objectives. The financial support of sponsors is often used to reduce the costs of players, of uniforms and competitions while also supporting the general running of the club.

Participants will learn:

  • The traditional way of sponsorship
  • Why we need Sponsors
  • What the Missing Ingredient is
  • What is the norm for a club-sponsor relationship?
  • What are fundamental mistakes
  • Engaging members
  • Why sponsors sponsor club
  • Who your audience is
  • What are club assets
  • How to create direct value for your sponsor
  • Segments of your audience
  • About the winning proposal
  • Working together with your sponsors
  • Keeping sponsors long-term and growing these relationships
  • Measuring the value of sponsorship
  • Treating your sponsors like gold

Session 1 – A new way of thinking about Sponsorship

Session 2 – Setting the expectation

Session 3 – Creating value

Session 4 – The winning proposal

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