Communication and Social Media for Successful Sports Clubs

Help your club succeed through social media and online communication

Dates: Wednesday 02nd October 2019
Wednesday 09th October 2019
Wednesday 16th October 2019
Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Venue: Online

Cost: $44.95

Communication and Social Media for Successful Sports Clubs

Why attend this series?

Running communications for your club is no small feat – and the role can seem overwhelming and demanding without proper guidance. This webinar series will give you practical tools to know what you are required to do, when and the best way to get them done.

Social Media is not just entertainment for young people, it is a powerful communication and marketing tool that is underused by sports clubs. Social Media can promote and even sell tickets to events. You can run your club shop on facebook and sell merchandise.

In short, social media can do a lot of the heavy lifting and reduce volunteer workload and this series is all about teaching you how to unlock and harness its power.

Register now to discover the secrets to successful digital sports club communication!

Why should you attend? 

Because it will make your time running the club’s social media, newsletter and/or website easier – bold statement, we know, but it will give you the new ideas you need.

It will provide the processes you need to implement to get the tasks done to achieve club goals. It will bring clarity and inspiration to get the ball rolling on as your clubs works towards its objectives. It will empower you to be a strong leader and take your club into a rewarding and prosperous future

What does the webinar include?

Over 4 x 1hr sessions, your facilitator will take you through communications, what it means for your club and how to do it AMAZINGLY, start to finish. 

All four live sessions are interactive, so you can ask questions and contribute to the conversations through the chat box in real-time!

This webinar will cover all the ideas, tips and strategies you need to know upon starting your role, everything throughout the year and what to do at AGM time.

This webinar also includes recordings emailed to you after every session – so if you miss one, it’s okay!


Session 1: What is Communication, and why do we spend our time on it?

Session 2: Websites and newsletters

Session 3: Social Media

Session 4: Awesome strategies for communicating and achieving club goals

Who should attend this webinar series?

You should! We have created this for any sports club volunteer involved with club communications.

This webinar is for you.

Can’t make a session? That’s okay!

All sessions are recorded and emailed to you, along with any relevant supporting resources.


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