2020 Volunteer Webinar Training Program

Sports Community is excited to launch our “2020 Volunteer Webinar Training Program”. 

Over the last five years we have conducted over 400 live webinar training sessions from our webinar studio in Mornington and delivered them to thousands of sports club volunteers around Australia and the world.

The key features of each webinar series are:

  • Each series is held over 4 weeks 
  • Sessions are scheduled in the evening at convenient times for club volunteers
  • Participants receive a recording of each session within 72 hours
  • Each webinar series is accompanied by a comprehensive workbook and an extensive list of resources and links to additional information and support
  • Facilitators open the webinar 20 minutes prior to the start time to allow participants to ask questions.  They also stay online after the webinar is finished until all questions are answered. As facilitators are always experienced Sports Community consultants, volunteers love to have access to an experienced person where they can ask questions and get support on any topic, not just the webinar topic.  It is not uncommon for post webinar questions to last longer than the webinar itself. 

The 2020 “Volunteer webinar training program”

February 25 & September 22

  1. Secrets to successful fundraising (heaps of examples)
  2. “101” fundraising ideas for clubs
  3. Club Sponsorship made easy
  4. Creating successful grant applications

May 26 & November 10

  1. Secrets to successful social media and how to create a communication strategy (theory and heaps of examples)
  2. Unleashing the power of your website and email newsletter  
  3. Unleashing the power of your social media 
  4. Live streaming – why it is so important and how to introduce it at your club

April 7

  1. Secrets of sports club participation 
  2. The 4 steps to creating a culture of volunteering in any club (including yours) 
  3. Successful recruitment strategies for players
  4. Successful recruitment strategies for coaches and officials

June 30

  1. Secrets to successful sponsorship acquisition and retention
  2. Understanding your club’s assets and how to show their value to sponsors
  3. Using social media and live streaming to promote sponsors and increase the value of your sponsorships.
  4. Why and how to introduce a donation strategy to your club’s fundraising

July 1

  1. Learn the secret characteristics of all successful clubs 
  2. Where to start and the information nobody ever tells you (legislation, compliance, risk management and complaints handling)
  3. How to create a culture of volunteering – Part one (Exercise: Goal setting and operational task definition)
  4. How to create a culture of volunteering – Part Two (Exercise: Create a club structure and culture audit)

August 18

  1. The secrets of running successful events (heaps of examples)
  2. What type of event to hold – “101” event ideas for clubs
  3. Understanding the logistics of major events
  4. Creating a communication strategy that suits your event

February 26 & August 19

  1. Learn the secret characteristics of all successful clubs 
  2. The information nobody ever tells you (legislation, compliance, risk management and complaints handling)
  3. How to create a culture of volunteering – Part one (Exercise: Goal setting and operational task definition)
  4. How to create a culture of volunteering – Part Two (Exercise: Create a club structure and culture audit)

April 8 & September 23

  1. Learn the secret characteristics of all successful clubs 
  2. The secrets of successful secretaries and the information nobody ever tells you (legislation, compliance, risk management and the behaviours of successful secretaries)
  3. How to run a successful committee meeting and AGM
  4. The power of communications and how to build awesome relationships with club supporters and stakeholders (e.g. past players, council, local members of parliament, schools etc)

May 27 & November 11

  1. Learn the secrets about how to be a successful treasurer (including the stuff nobody ever tells you about your role, responsibility, legislation and compliance)
  2. Learn how successful committees financially manage their club.
  3. How to introduce and use technology and strong cash management processes in your club
  4. What you need to know to finish the year well (reporting to members, audits and induction for the next treasurer and preparing for next year)

Innovation through partnership

In May 2019 CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) approached Sports Community to ask if they could purchase a small number of registrations in the “Making it easy to be a successful Treasurer” webinar series.

The concept of providing training support via webinars was embraced so strongly by the volunteers of the CAMS affiliated clubs that by the end of the year 187 volunteers had participated in a webinar training program, many participating in two and in some cases, three different training programs.

For CAMS that meant that over 750 hours of training and support was provided to their clubs and volunteers. 

It was through this journey, and exploring the concept with other partners, that we realised that giving the opportunity to purchase ‘group registrations’ to peak sports bodies, local councils, universities and other organisations who support clubs and volunteers, was a fantastic and cost effective way for them to offer training to their clubs and volunteers.

What is included when your organisation makes a group purchase?

Apart from receiving huge discounts (see the table below) by buying the webinar training in bulk, Sports Community also provides to participating organisations:

Co-branded marketing material (images, social media and email newsletter posts) which can be used by each organisation to promote the webinars to their clubs and volunteers

Full reporting after every webinar series which includes:

  • The number of affiliated volunteers attending each session
  • The name of the participant and the name of their club

1,000 webinar training programs equals over 4,000 hours of training and support for your clubs and their volunteers!!

Cost of group webinar purchases

Purchased individually, a four week webinar training series costs $49.95 (including GST).

We are really pleased to be able to offer the following discounts when peak sports bodies, councils and any other organisation who supports clubs and volunteers make a group purchase.

Any purchased, but unused registrations, will automatically roll over and be applied to the 2021 webinar series.

Throughout planning discussions with our partners, one National Sporting Organisation wanted to combine the purchasing of their State bodies to access the discount that would apply to their combined purchases, even though they would be invoiced separately.

We are fully supportive of this model, as long as the combined group purchase is made at the same time.

Number of seats purchasedDiscountCost per seriesSaving 

All cost estimates provided above are inclusive of GST.

Next steps

If you would like to get additional information, or better still, make a group booking for your clubs and volunteers please call or email:

Nina Barallon
Community Partnership Coordinator
03 5973 6404

Or register your interest below, and we’ll get in touch!

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“Aside from sharing their own extensive knowledge, Sports Community’s webinar series are a fantastic way to engage with others in the industry and hear case studies of what has worked in other councils and sporting organisations. I have taken at least one new idea out of each session and there is always a great balance of practical tips that you can utilise straight away, and thought-provoking concepts that lead to new thinking. Sports Community’s commitment to taking on feedback and always improving ensure that the webinars only get better and that they always provide a great engaging experience.”
"The webinar was a great way to learn about the secretarial role and being interactive you could comment and ask questions."


"An interesting and informative way to learn about positions within a sporting club."
Sarah Davidson
Broadmeadows Basketball Assoc.
“The greatest investment that local government can make is in building the capacity of the volunteers who drive sport and recreation at grass roots level. We’re proud of the partnership that we’ve built with Sports Community and the impact they have had with our local clubs. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Sports Community with future projects.”
"I am new to my position as Secretary & wasn't sure what I was expected to do. The webinars gave me information & strategies that I now use for the club. I have learnt things from legislation to fundraising. I feel motivated since the webinars. I appreciate that Steve took the time to interact with everyone & found the webinars well structured. I would recommend Sports Community webinars to anyone connected to a club."
"Sports Community webinars were wonderful resources for volunteers feeling daunted that they are suddenly 'in charge' of sports clubs without necessarily feeling all that qualified. Great to get a good broad overview of what might be required and how to go about it. Steve's presenting style, the ability to interact and hear comments from others in similar situations is very valuable. Thanks Steve for your great presentations!"

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