Sports Community and Tastepoint support local clubs

Sports Community and Tastepoint support local clubs

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Sports Community has been overwhelmed by the response from clubs after its Tastepoint campaign which gave clubs the opportunity to earn $1,000 for holding a beef and lamb tasting event with Tastepoint. 

Over a hundred clubs registered for the program via Sports Community which shows the power of our close community and how we continue to help clubs with their fundraising efforts via initiatives like this, grants, events and of course, online training. 

Tastepoint Pty Ltd. is a market research company, needing taste-testers for some of Australia’s best beef and lamb. 

Tastepoint provides the Meat and Livestock of Australia with data from meat tasting of only Australian beef and lamb samples. This is what constitutes the Meat Standards of Australia (MSA) grading for Australian meats sold in Australia, and contributes to improving the quality of Australian meat! 

How does the program run? 

The research is conducted involving three groups of twenty people over 18 years old (60 people in total required, with a few extras), each group attending for 1 hour at a time, to test and grade seven small cooked meat samples. We adhere to all current restriction requirements. 

How can your club get involved? 

We ask that you invite a total of 70 people, as our experience tells us there are usually unexpected no-shows. It is crucial that we have 20 participants in each of the three sessions. 

All participants must: 

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Eat red meat at least once a fortnight 
  • Enjoy meat cooked medium rare to medium well done 
  • Open only to Victorian and Queensland clubs 

Participants are not restricted to club members, anyone can get involved in this research, so long as they meet the requirements above. Bring your family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, or whoever else to make up the 65-70 people! 

Your nominated sports club will receive a cheque for $1,000 after completing the taste-testing! How’s that for easy fundraising! 

Wondering what a Tastepoint event looks like? Click here to see for yourself!