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Sporting Schools Program

In partnership with NSOs, we have coaches ready to deliver official programs for Cricket, Tenpin Bowling, Softball, Table Tennis & Snow Sports.

For many Australian children, Sporting Schools program’s are their first touch points with organised sport, paving the way for a lifetime of participation while continually boosting their elf-confidence, competence and motivation to be active.

At Sports Community, we’re committed to supporting schools like yours in delivering high-quality sports programs. As an experienced sports delivery provider for Sporting Schools, we understand the importance of engaging students, building skills, and fostering healthy habits for today and tomorrow and offer a wide range of programs to help schools meet their goals.

Why Choose Sports Community

When you choose Sports Community as your sports delivery provider for Sporting Schools, you’re not only choosing a team that delivers high-quality sports programs, but also a team that understands the importance of consistency and familiarity for students. Retaining the same teachers and coaches from sport to sport, term to term, means that students are able to develop a rapport with their instructors, creating a sense of trust and familiarity that can positively impact their engagement and participation.

In addition, retaining one program provider for multiple sports also benefits the schools themselves. Our professional staff are able to integrate into the school community, working closely with teachers and administrators to ensure that our programs align with the school’s values and priorities. By working with Sports Community year-round, schools can establish a better relationship with our coaches and instructors, who are already familiar and adapted to their policies, procedures, and way of doing things.

Sports Community have done a fantastic job in facilitating cricket programs on behalf of Cricket Victoria over the summer season of 2022/23. The staff were easy to work with and provided exceptional customer service to our participants and their families.
Owen Hulett
Owen HulettHead of Participation – Cricket Victoria

The Multi-Sport Difference

Research shows that exposing students to multiple sports at a young age is beneficial for their overall physical development. It not only helps them build fundamental movement skills, but also increases their awareness of the value of sports and connects them with their local community.

We take pride in being the preferred provider for high-quality programmes that cater to a wide range of sports, including basketball, cricket, netball, softball, table tennis, tenpin bowling, and volleyball. Our multi-sport coaching approach allows students to experience various sports throughout the year, all taught by the same reliable and familiar coach. This not only provides a seamless transition from sport to sport but also creates a more personalised and engaging learning environment for students.

With Sports Community, you can trust that your students will receive a well-rounded and comprehensive sports education that promotes physical activity and healthy habits.

Making Your Choice

We understand that choosing a provider for your school’s sports programs is an important decision. By choosing Sports Community you’re choosing a partner that is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for your students with the exceptional quality delivered by familiar professionals who teach sport year-round.

So why wait?

Book one of our sports through Sporting Schools and experience the benefits of choosing Sports Community as your preferred deliverer of Sporting Schools programs.