Score Big with Sporting Schools: Unlocking the World of Fun and Fitness

Score Big with Sporting Schools: Unlocking the World of Fun and Fitness

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Are you ready to lace up your sneakers and dive into the world of sports? Sporting Schools is gearing up for an exciting start to 2024, with applications set to open on November 6th 2023! Offering an extensive range of over 35 sports programs nationwide, the initiative is designed to transform schoolyards into vibrant arenas of fun, skill-building, and teamwork.

Accessible to All Ages and Abilities

The Sporting Schools program caters to both primary and secondary schools, fostering a love for physical activity and providing a dynamic platform for students to explore a diverse array of sports. What makes this program even more remarkable is that it’s entirely free for schools to run and participants to engage in. The goal is simple: improve participation rates by creating an environment that is not only enjoyable but also engaging for kids and teenagers.

Expert Coaching and Modified Equipment

Sporting Schools programs bring in high-quality coaches to schools, supported by dedicated school facilitators. Most sports go a step further by using modified equipment, making the experience not only fun but also accessible and safe for all participants.

Take, for instance, Bowls Australia’s innovative Rookie Rollers program. Featuring rubber bowls and modified targets, this program breaks down barriers, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, can roll their way into the world of bowls. The Rookie Rollers program introduces modified rules, engaging games, and achievable yet challenging goals, keeping participants hooked and motivated to strive for their personal best.

Programs are safe, fun and flexible to suit schools!

Community Health and Active Lifestyles

Beyond the thrill of competition, the Sporting Schools program recognises the critical role physical activity plays in community health. By instilling a love for sports from a young age, the initiative aims to contribute to a healthier and more active lifestyle for participants. The benefits extend beyond the school gates, creating a ripple effect that positively impacts communities.

Building Bridges to Local Clubs

The Sporting Schools program acts as a bridge, connecting schools and students to the vast network of local sports clubs. With a staggering 70,000 sporting clubs across Australia, including, for example, over 2000 bowls clubs, 1200 tennis clubs, 2200 soccer clubs the program opens up opportunities for collaboration and growth. This connection ensures a seamless transition for students who wish to continue their sporting journey beyond the school grounds.

Milestone Moments and Future Endeavours

Earlier this year, the Sporting Schools Program celebrated an incredible milestone—15 million registrations! The program continues to thrive, delivering engaging sports programs across the nation. To further expand its impact, Sporting Schools launched a pilot program for year 9 and 10 students this year, reinforcing its commitment to keeping Australian students active and engaged.

As the countdown to the term one 2024 applications begins, schools, students, coaches, and communities alike are gearing up for another exciting chapter in the world of Sporting Schools. So, mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to register your school for a splash of sports, fun, and fitness in term one 2024!


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