Guide to Sponsorship ebook – for Sports Clubs

Guide to Sponsorship ebook – for Sports Clubs


Sports Community’s Guide to Sponsorship for Sports Clubs explores a whole new way of thinking about sponsorship, in particular how we attract and maintain sponsors and grow these relationships.

Each chapter of this sponsorship ebook focuses on a key message or skill development and provides you with a wide variety of tools and skills. This ebook will help you create your club’s sponsorship plan and proposals, and help your club achieve its sponsorship objectives.

This sponsorship ebook covers the following topics:

  • Traditional methods of sponsorship and how new ways of thinking can significantly improve your sponsorship results.
  • New and innovative ideas to gain sponsorship
  • How to effectively attract and retain long term sponsors to sustain your club into the future
  • The value of club sponsorship and how to maximise it for both the club and the sponsor
  • Who makes up your club community and how to effectively communicate with them.
  • How to measure the value of sponsorship.
  • Writing sponsorship proposals and renewing sponsors.
  • Creating a sense of belonging for your sponsors.
  • The importance of capturing, maintaining and handing on sponsorship information.

This ebook has been designed for the volunteers of local sports clubs, covering both fundamental concepts and more complex sponsorship strategies. It will go into important aspects of sponsorship including how to value your assets – so you know how much to charge! Also, you will learn how to nurture these relationships with sponsors, so they come back next year.

We hope you enjoy the journey of reading this sponsorship ebook as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

Don’t forget, we are always here to help. Once you have finished the ebook we have lots more resources that you can use to help out. Plus, subscribe to our newsletter for more tips all through the year, on grants but also every other aspect of running your club!

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