An interview with Simone Wearne

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Season 2020 Episode 07

An interview with Simone Wearne

Season 2020 Episode 07

An interview with Simone Wearne

Creating a high performance environment at your club

Show Notes

On today’s episode, Simone talks us through what your club can take from elite sport and bring to just about any level, and much more.

Key Takeaways

  • What do you need to implement performance tracking at your club?
  • What are the benefits and what can your club take away from the elite sport level?
  • The importance of sleep and nutrition.
  • Balancing social and performance expectations at the community level of sport.
  • Using technology that is readily available to just about anyone.

About Our Guest

Simone Wearne is the High Performance Manager at Softball Australia and spent six years as the Team Manager (head coach) of the Australian Women’s National Baseball Team, and is also an inductee of the Australian Baseball Hall of Fame (the youngest to join in 2012 and the first female inductee).

Simone has also held the role of president at the Springvale Lions Baseball Club, in Melbourne’s south-east, for more than 10 years!

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