An interview with Simone Wearne

Creating a high performance environment at your club Show Notes On today’s episode, Simone talks us through what your club can take from elite sport and bring to just about any level, and much more. Key Takeaways What do you need to implement performance tracking at your club? What are the benefits and what can […]

An interview with Sam Duncan

Enhancing your club by working with passionate students Show Notes This episode, Sam takes us on a journey to understand how your club can benefit from working with students with an expanding and wide variety of skillsets, to enhance your club. Key Takeaways Tapping into the tens of thousands of students looking for ways to […]

An interview with Brett Flavell

Working with council for capital redevelopments Show Notes Brett Flavell joins us to talk about what you can do to improve the likelihood of your club getting the facility upgrades your club needs. Key Takeaways Understanding the processes clubs need to go through when looking to upgrade facilities. The importance of having a clear vision […]

An interview with Ebony Matthews

Creating a life members group that keeps contributing Show Notes This episode is all about that life members group, and just how amazing they are! We speak to Ebony about all the fundraising events they conduct, and how they have forged a group that potentially has better fundraising than many sports clubs out there! Key […]

An Interview with Jenny Rose

Getting your club into local media. Key Takeaways Understanding the other side of the radio – what’s important to the producers/announcers. There’s a constant drive for content within local radio, print and TV stations. The importance of forming relationships with local media. Stories – not just scores. Your club is full of stories that the […]

An Interview with Paul Horvath

The SportsLawyer himself joins us to discuss the importance of having a legal understanding of your position at your club among many other legal relating topics. Key Takeaways What happens when you join a committee? What should be part of your hand-over when you join a new committee or pass the torch to the next […]

An interview with Jason Dooley

President of the Hepburn Football Netball Club, about their million dollar truck raffle. Show Notes Jason Dooley joins us to discuss the things you need to know about running a big-money raffle for your sports club. Through 2018 and 2019, the Hepburn Football Netball Club (F.N.C.) went about raffling a very special Kenworth Legend 900 […]