Plan For Future Success: How to Create a STRONG Player or Athlete Recruitment & Retention Plan

Build a club that keeps players coming back each and every year

Dates: Tuesdays

  • 6th June
  • 13th June
  • 20th June

Time: 7:00 – 8:00pm AEDT

Venue: From the comfort of your own home

Cost: $39.95 (GST Included)

Are your club’s numbers dwindling? Have you recently noticed fewer participants involved and even fewer registering? After the pandemic, many parts of the country experienced a loss of player numbers, many of which simply never returned. Without players, the club’s existence is essentially futile. But how do you go about attracting players and athletes? How can you bring your club back to life and fill your club room with the much-needed energy it needs to thrive?

After attending our 3-part webinar series, you will walk away with a step-by-step action plan on how you can easily and proactively recruit players to your club. We’ll share the secrets to how some clubs continue to grow every year, while others struggle to retain players, ensuring you are equipped to be the former of the two!

In this series, the following will be covered over the three sessions:

  • The sequence to successful player and participant recruitment
  • How you can use social sport to recruit more people into your club
  • The effects of COVID on clubs
  • Case studies and success stories 
  • How to find new audiences and new groups of people
  • Step by Step recruitment strategy

Additional Information about the Session:

You can log in to your session 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.
This is a great opportunity to check your connection as well as make the most of the time with your presenter and other participants. During this 30 minutes you can ask any questions specific to your club and ensure you get the answers you are looking for.

After the session a recording of the course will be sent to you to view at your leisure. (Please note: Free webinars are not recorded)

For most courses you will not only receive the webinar training but also a worksheet and links to the best resources in the country on your training topic.

Presenter: Steve Pallas

CEO of Sports Community

Steve's vision of a one-stop shop for all grassroots sports club where club volunteers and administrators can learn, share and grow has come to fruition in Sports Community. His passion for working with local grassroots sports clubs led him to developing Sports Community from just an idea into a multimedia information portal with a thriving online community.