Supplier Partner – Trybooking

Running an event can be stressful and overwhelming! Selling tickets is one of the most important, time consuming and sometimes tedious tasks. Trying to hand out paper tickets, keep track of payments and numbers and getting tickets to everyone at a time that suits can be a nightmare.


Try booking will make selling tickets to your club events simple, easily accessible and requires very little volunteer time!

What is Trybooking?
Trybooking is an incredible platform that allows you to easily and effortlessly create, manage and sell tickets for your events online. The platform helps you run things smoothly and eliminates many administrative tasks. You can customise your event to be seated or general admission as well as set different prices for different groups of attendees

How does it help clubs?
Try booking takes away the bulk of the work when it comes to ticketing. There is no more running around collecting money and handing out tickets. No replacing lost tickets or loosing track of numbers. Trybooking makes ticketing effortless.
You can also share your event with the wider community and tickets are easily bought by those who may not visit your club in person often.

How does it work?
Trybooking is an easy to use five step system!

  • Create and customise your event.
  • Share and promote your event with your members, supporters and wider community.
  • Manage your event and make any necessary changes while the tickets are on sale.
  • Run your event! (There are lots of helpful reports to help you on the day, for example a door list or you can use their box office function)
  • Print reports that help you track the money raised and plan your next event!

For your supporters, they are given a link to your trybooking page and simply purchase online. They are then emailed their tickets for them to print out! It is that easy!

How much does Trybooking cost?
TryBooking offer the lowest fees in the industry. Patrons pay just 30c per ticket purchased and you, the event organiser, cover the credit card processing fee of 2.1% plus 50c per customer transaction. That’s it! There are no set-up costs, no minimum sales and no ongoing commitments.