With TidyHQ, your sports club administration is in one place, not all over the place.

    Bring clarity to your team. With one tool, everyone sees the whole picture.

    Before TidyHQ: You’re club administration feels scattered, tasks are slipping, meetings take too long and it’s hard to attract and retain your volunteers – it’s tough to see + manage everything.

    After TidyHQ: Soon you’ll be feeling like “hey, we got this”. Everything will be organised in one place, your team will be working together and on the same page, you’ll be on top of things, and running the sports club can actually take less time.

    TidyHQ is the best platform that your sports club could use for its administration, keeping everything in one place, not all over the place.

    Bringing tasks together, saving you time, and keeping your committee on the same page is only some of what TidyHQ can offer your club.

    Adopt best practices with good governance and succession plans.

    Tidy provides you and your organisation the rails to get things running easily and simply. 

    Information at a glance, run your events, memberships, meetings and more all from one place. Collaborate on your committee’s projects and activities from beginning to end.

    What does TidyHQ focus on?

    • Contacts database: keep track all of your stakeholders, store them all in the one place and manage great relationships with them.
    • Administration tasks. Combat volunteer-burnout and delegate tasks effectively across your committee, whilst keeping everyone on the same page You can organise and track minutes on team meetings.
    • Communication and marketing. Keep track of who has said what to which person, easily run your website, events, sell merch and manage memberships.


    What else can TidyHQ do?

    • Organise your contacts better, stop digging around in spreadsheets and keep a single record of interactions in one place.
    • Membership administration. An ultimate time-saving tool to provide perfect customer service for your members.
    • Communications, newsletters (made so easy), collaborative inboxes.
    • Handle finances, team invoicing, automatic payment reminders, cash-flow reporting, super fast budgeting, coming soon: Xero integration.
    • Manage your online shop + orders.
    • Build a website that you can easily manage and update.
    • Governance requirements made easy


    Want to try for free?

    You can get started for FREE and take advantage of a full contacts database and other handy tools! Click here to trial.

    For more advanced features, a Pro Plan will cost $890 a year (or $79 when paid monthly) to unlock all the pro features and integrations.

    As a Sports Community member or supporter, you can get a $200 credit for this all-in-one toolkit. Find out how by clicking here!

    If you’d like to organise a 15 minute call with CEO and Founder of TidyHQ, Isaak Dury, click the button below ‘Contact TidyHQ’.

    For more information, head to TidyHQ or get in touch via email