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Kids Sports Vouchers Available Australia Wide

9 Oct 2023

Participating in sports, swimming and outdoor recreation programs can be incredibly important for children. Not only does participation in junior sports teach physical literacy, but it also encourages social interaction and growth for your people.

Given its importance, State Governments around Australia have made various funding schemes available, to encourage participation, and make sure all kids have access to sports.

Each state has their own program, that offers vouchers between $50 and $300 that parents or guardians can apply for on behalf of their children. The vouchers can be redeemed for a variety of sports services including sports club registration, coaching, lessons and equipment.

Each state has its own set of rules around who can apply for the vouchers, what they can be spent on and the exact age groups eligible for the vouchers. Some states release the vouchers in rounds with opening and closing dates, while others are available all year round. There are limits for how many vouchers a parent can claim each calendar or financial year.

Parents should make sure to check the exact details for their state to ensure they can access their voucher.

See below the links to each voucher:

New South Wales

South Australia

Western Australia


Northern Territory (Sport)

Northern Territory (Swim School)




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