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INTRODUCING: Bottles Plus!

3 Oct 2018

Bottles Plus are bringing flair to sports drink bottles. Specialising in custom printing allows customers to proudly display their logo or meet their corporate requirements.

Offering a wide range of options allows you to completely customise the bottle to your needs:

  • Choose the style of bottle (8 styles)
  • Choose the colour of the bottle
  • Options from 1 logo colour or up to 8 spot colours or
  • Select full-colour printing for high-resolution artwork
  • Choose your desired closure top

As an authorised distributor for Bottles of Australia (BoA) drink bottles, they are supplying: schools, sporting clubs, corporate clients, and retailers.  All BoA products on offer are proudly Australian made from food grade materials and are 100% BPA (Bisphenol-A) free while being dishwasher safe. Whether money is no option or on a budget, Bottles Plus guarantees top quality products every time.  

Bottles Plus have created a unique opportunity that will easily allow clubs to promote their sponsors in a cost-effective way.  Bottles Plus allow customers the opportunity to customise sporting drink bottles that best suite their needs.  While having the club’s logo would be ideal, but in this instance, this is an opportune moment to promote your sponsor. Creating water bottles that have your sponsor’s branding and information allows you to activate and leverage your reach to enhance the sponsor’s Return on Investment (ROI.)

Creating branded products such as water bottles are ideal for promotional opportunities.  This allows consumers to walk away from events with physical reminders of the sponsor and the brand. Products such as water bottles are great promotional tools as not only will the owner be exposed to the brand, but also many others that may see this at other locations: office, gym, or sporting events.

Cost effective promotional tools such as branding water bottles can deliver significant brand exposure and ROI for sponsors.

Sports Community is thrilled to announce Bottles Plus as our latest partner.

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PO Box 122,

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1800 800 106