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AIS Sports Tech Symposium

27 Oct 2023

The Australian Institute of Sport has confirmed the details of its Sports Technology and Applied Research Symposium (STARS).

The STARS program provides an opportunity for those in the sports industry to learn and stay up to date on a variety of sports technology topics.

Once again the symposium will be held online from Wednesday November 15th, to Friday November 17th and is free to attend for those in the Australian sports system and industry and university partners of the AIS (registration required).

Speakers over the three day event will will deliver 14 different one hour lectures on a variety carefully researched topics. Speakers at the symposium hail from a range of different sports and academic organisations including the Australian Sports Commission, Athletics Australia and the CSIRO.

One of the highly anticipated talks is “Building an Innovation Hotspot – Possibilities Towards Brisbane 2032”, delivered by Lucy Cameron. Cameron, a digital transformation and new industry development expert with CSIRO’s Data61 group, will shed light on the key ingredients of an innovation hotspot and discuss whether establishing one in sports technology could be a pivotal part of Brisbane’s legacy. Drawing from her extensive experience and insights outlined in her book, ‘Building an Innovation Hotspot,’ Lucy will provide valuable perspectives on fostering growth and innovation in the realm of sports technology.

The Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) will be presenting on Day 2 of the event, showcasing their research initiatives aimed at optimising human performance in critical scenarios. This presentation will delve into DSTG’s strategy and research projects, highlighting intersections with the interests of elite sporting communities. Discover how DSTG’s interdisciplinary expertise contributes to enhancing human performance, bridging the gap between defence and elite sports in their pursuit of excellence.

Sporting bodies should consider tuning in on Day 2 of the event, for a presentation titled “If I knew then, what I know now – How might NSOs better engage with Australia’s $4.2 billion sports tech sector.” Drawing from his extensive background as an NSO CEO and current role as General Manager of the Australian Sports Technology Network, presenter Cam Vale will share insights on the untapped potential of Australia’s $4.2 billion sports tech sector for National Sporting Organizations (NSOs). Reflecting on his journey and recognizing the time constraints faced by NSO CEOs, Vale aims to challenge the STARS audience to view the sports tech sector not only as an opportunity for innovation but also as a means to create sustainable value across Australian sports.

Presenters will deliver their presentations aligning to the theme ‘Driving Innovation in Sport’, with a particular consideration for how Australia can capitalise on ‘ten years of opportunity’ leading into Brisbane 2032.

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