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5 Ways to Make Your Sport Summer Friendly!

11 Jan 2024
Summer sports can be a lot of fun! But whether your sport is a dedicated summer sport, a year-round sport, or a winter sport hosting off season events, there are additional risks associated with summer activity.

It’s important to make sure your sport is safe for participants of all ages. This means avoiding issues like sunstroke, sunburn and heat exhaustion.

So here are a few simple tips and tricks you can use to keep your sports programs Summer-friendly!

  1. Additional Breaks in Play: Adding extra drinks breaks ensures players can stay hydrated and cool down.
  2. Consider the time you play: Play your sport in the evening to avoid the hottest part of the day.
  3. Create an Indoor Version: Where possible, have part of your training sessions take place inside, away from the sun and the heat. Consider indoor options like footsal instead of outdoor soccer, carpet bowls instead of lawn bowls and playing sports like netball at an indoor venue rather than an outdoor venue.
  4. Use Zones: Adding Netball style zones and a rotation system to your sport will reduce the distance that your players need to run, helping to prevent over-exertion. A fun side effect is that it will give players an opportunity to try different tactics and think their way through new scenarios.
  5. Shorten Matches and Training: Shorten lessons, training, matches, clinics and events to prevent participants spending too much time in the sun.