Newcomb Power: Inclusivity begins with access for all

Newcomb Power: Inclusivity begins with access for all

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Inclusion and diversity in clubs is profoundly important and goes hand in hand with creating a positive and warming culture.

One club leading by example is the Newcomb Power Football and Netball Club.

Newcomb have recently launched their All-Abilities netball and Auskick program, a region first initiative that encourages greater participation for children with special needs.

The club’s junior coordinator, Scott Smith, outlines that the sessions are short, sharp drills with lots of activities and small groups, focusing on technique rather than outcomes.

The club has implemented these sessions across all four terms of the year, garnering the support and expertise of senior players to create a well-rounded, enjoyable experience.

The sessions have already received a fantastic response, parents illustrating that their children flourished throughout the experience, who may have otherwise missed out due to conventional sports being unsuitable for their needs.

The club is drawing attention from families well beyond their region, as the program climbs in success and promotes a positive environment where kids can get involved, learn techniques, and just have fun.

The community has supported the program immensely with calls that more clubs should introduce similar programs to enforce greater levels of inclusivity.

We commend and congratulate Newcomb Power for their wonderful initiative and creating a culture where all participants are welcome to have a go. As suggested by the community, more clubs should aim to follow suit, and implement programs, like all abilities NetSetGo and Auskick, to cater to those with special needs and abilities.