Introducing The No Nasties Project!

Introducing The No Nasties Project!

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Sports Community is proud to acknowledge and bring attention to the fine work that is being completed by The No Nasties Project.

The No Nasties Project is on a crusade to remove 500 tons of sugar from Australians without removing the fun or yum. For every ton they remove, they are donating $100 to support schools and sporting clubs to further this awesome health message in Australia. giving families all over Australia their favourite treats – but without the sugar, artificial colourants and flavours.

Ultimately, The No Nasties Project is on a mission to create a healthier Australia by making healthier eating habits easy and fun and Sports Community fully supports and admires the work they are doing to achieve this. This year they are hosting Sugar Free-zies Icy Stix Day on the 26 November where they will be donating 1 million icy Stix to schools and youth Sports clubs to raise $1million. This will be the largest Icy Stix donation in Australia’s history.

The No Nasties Project is also excited to celebrate Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix Day on 26 November 2021. This exciting opportunity gives schools and youth sport clubs across the country a chance to enjoy some healthy fun by providing them with Sugar FREE-zies that contain zero sugar, zero preservatives, nothing artificial and Australian made! It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Simply register on The No Nasties Project website and express your interest to get involved today. Be sure to get in quick as they only have 1 million Sugar FREE-zies up for grabs!

Sports Community is an organisation that cares about all individuals’ health and admires the work that this incredible organisation is trying to achieve. As we are constantly getting involved within the local and greater community, it is important that both children and adults continue to participate in healthy food habits and take care of their body each and every day. As seen through this project, healthy eating can be made fun and delivered in a way to create enjoyable habits for young kids.

We are always looking for new ways to install these habits into our community and love to see initiatives like The No Nasties Project being developed to help provide resources to help create a healthier Australia.

“Sports Community are committed to providing healthy and innovative options for clubs to consider in their fundraising,” said CEO Steve Pallas.

Joining the team and the cause is legendary AFL star, Nathan Jones.

“I was always an active kid growing up,” says the former captain and club legend of the Melbourne Demons. “My kids both play team sports themselves. I’m proud to be working with the guys at The No Nasties Project on a campaign that will make a difference to so many kids and encourages a positive attitude towards sport and which promotes healthier options for families.”

To help join No Nasties cause, look out for future content related to making healthier food choices on our website.

Sports Community looks forward to seeing The No Nasties Project achieve great results and see them participate in more incredible work in the near future.
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