How to get the Most Out of a Home Final!

How to get the Most Out of a Home Final!

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Hosting a finals match?

Here’s how to get the BEST off field results for your club!


Hosting a finals match for one of your teams is a great opportunity to engage with your entire club and the local community.

Beyond the thrill of the game, sports clubs have the opportunity to maximize community involvement and generate revenue through creative initiatives. Here’s a guide to help clubs transform finals matches into community celebrations that benefit both the fans and the bottom line.

So what can you do to ensure your club has a great day out?:


  1. Engage the ENTIRE club

Regardless of whether your 1st team or the reserve under 10’s are competing, your club can make finals a big occasion! Market the event to all of your players, parents and coaches and encourage everyone to come down and support the teams playing!

  1. Stock up the canteen

The canteen is a great way for your club to bring in extra cash! Make sure you have enough stock and consider offering a special; something yummy with a high profit margin, or something that’s easy for your team to make quickly.

  1. Create atmosphere

Create an atmosphere that’s about more than the game. Consider organising children’s activities, live music, half time shows or presentations and additional activities designed to keep attendees staying after the final siren.

  1. Use additional fundraisers

Yes, you’ll have the bar and canteen, perhaps a ticket fee, but a final is a great opportunity to make money for your club. Extra fundraisers as simple as a silent auction or raffle can engage with people attending the match, create buzz about your event and bring in significant funding.

  1. Make your club welcoming

Is someone walking past the ground likely to stop by? Will someone who has never been to your club before enjoy sitting in the stands? Will a player still have a great time if they are attending without their teammates?

Making sure your club has a welcoming and positive culture will encourage community members to come to your event, stay past the end of the match, spend their money on food, drinks and fundraisers and maybe even join up to play, volunteer or sponsor you in the next season!

Making your club welcoming will have a lot to do with your staff attitude (particularly those selling gate tickets) and the behaviour of the crowd.

  1. Crowd culture and behaviour

Most of the loudest voices in your crowd will be players, parents and coaches who have a long history with the club. Make sure they’re screaming the right things! Abusive, rude or inappropriate behaviour from the crowd can make the environment very uncomfortable for others and will discourage them from engaging on the day or in the future.

The best way to control the culture of your clubs’ supporters is to set clear expectations throughout the season and clearly express these once again in the leadup to finals. Recruiting a calm and well respected club member to assist you as a crowd behaviour officer is also a good way to monitor and diffuse any crowd issues.

  1. Make it family friendly

Making your event family friendly is a great way to encourage more people to attend. Activities you can add to make your event family friendly can be big or simple, including:

  • Hiring a Jumping Castle
  • Running ‘come and try’ activities on a spare court
  • Inviting a children’s singer or performer
  • Setting up a painting, drawing or colouring area
  • Games and challenges with small prizes
  • Having kids meals available


  1. Community Markets

Host a community market during finals matches, inviting local vendors to showcase and sell their products. This adds a vibrant, festive atmosphere to the event and provides an additional revenue stream for the club through stall rentals.

  1. Food Truck Festivals

Collaborate with local food trucks to create a diverse culinary experience for attendees. Food truck festivals not only cater to different tastes but also generate revenue through vendor fees.

  1. Fan Competitions:

Engage the community by organizing fan competitions. From best-dressed contests to halftime challenges, these activities create a lively atmosphere and encourage fans to actively participate in the event.

  1. VIP Packages:

Offer VIP packages for fans who want a deluxe experience. This can include premium seating, a private box or the inclusion of meals, drink tokens included or raffle tickets. VIP packages provide an additional revenue stream for the club.

  1. Local Business Partnerships:

Treat this high traffic event as an opportunity to showcase your sponsors, or other local businesses. Local sponsors can set up stalls or advertising, provide giveaways, or sponsor halftime entertainment.


Finals matches are not just about the game; they’re an opportunity for sports clubs to strengthen community bonds and generate much-needed revenue. By embracing innovative ideas, clubs can turn these events into community celebrations that leave a lasting impact on fans and players alike. In doing so, sports clubs contribute not only to the local sports scene but the entire community.