How Sports Community can help every club volunteer in Australia

How Sports Community can help every club volunteer in Australia

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Wow, how our world has changed so dramatically in such a short period of time.

Over the last week, we have all grappled with the decision whether to proceed with sporting activities, modify them to meet the imperative of social distancing, or to stop them completely.

These decisions, while being monitored daily, have been made and our new “normal” is now in place. The rapid pace of change has created a huge amount of anxiety and uncertainty in community sport volunteers. Our phones and email are running hot with volunteers asking: what does it all mean? How do we move forward? How do we deal with our club’s own situation?

While there is a lot of great information being circulated by Sport Australia and our health departments, there is not a lot of practical information for sports club volunteers.

Sports Community exists to help and support sports club volunteers, so now more than ever, this is what we will do.

  • Facebook Livestream Q+A every day at 11.00am answering your questions.

Every day at 11.00am AEST, we hold a Facebook Livestream Q+A session. 

These sessions are for you to ask any question that relates to your club, so please send me your questions via reply email, at or via the Sports Community Facebook page. 

If you do not follow the Sports Community Facebook Page, I encourage you to do so now (Join the Sports Community on FB) so you can join this amazing community!

  • Free webinars beginning next week: What should committees do today, next week and into the future? A very practical step by step guide that will ensure the future of your club.

While sport may have stopped at your club, the responsibilities of running your club certainly do not. Your members, now more than ever, need a place to belong. They need a place to put their energy and focus. They need a place to connect and socialise. Our sports clubs are this place. Clubs may not be able to operate like they used to, but for everybody’s wellbeing, operate they must.

The Sports Community team are right now creating a free “step-by-step” guide for committees and club leaders that will guide you through these challenging times. Again, these highly interactive webinars will allow participants to ask questions and explore issues deeply.

To ensure everybody can access these free webinars, we have scheduled four different sessions:

  • Tuesday March 24th at 7.00pm AEST 
  • Wednesday March 25th at 1.30pm AEST
  • Wednesday March 25th at 7.00pm AEST
  • Thursday March 26th at 12.00noon AEST

Register here – free! Select the time and day that suits you in the drop-down option from the link. Don’t delay as we only have space for 200 people in each webinar!

  • Email communication and information

Today, having access to the best information is vital. For the next two months, we will postpone the production of our much loved fortnightly newsletter. In its place, twice a week we will send brief emails with the latest information and resources relevant to clubs operating in today’s world.

I encourage you to ask every volunteer in your club to register for our newsletters so they can remain up to date with the latest information. Click the link to sign up here.

More webinars are coming!

The postponement of sports gives clubs a unique and amazing opportunity to do something they rarely have the time to do, which is plan and truly prepare for the future. It is also a great time to develop the knowledge and skills of club volunteers.

We are frantically creating a whole range of webinar training programs, which we will release next week, that will help you and your club PLAN. PREPARE. PROCEED!

Only together can we all survive.

It has been a challenging and very emotional week at Sports Community. I wanted to sincerely thank our amazing team – your support has been overwhelming. The messages of encouragement and support from our clients, partners, and the broader sports community has been inspirational.

We simply would not be in business today if it wasn’t for those clubs and individuals who have become Sports Community members over the last 3 years. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support. If you or your club are able to become a Sports Community member, your support would be so appreciated, and it would allow us to keep helping people like you. 

Click here for Sports Community membership info and prices.

Sports Community was created to help and support volunteers .

See you at 11.00am every day in the Facebook Q+A Livestream and don’t forget to please email me your questions, stories and ideas so we can share them with your “Sports Community”.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Pallas

Chief Executive Officer

Sports Community