Preparing your application

After you have decided to apply for a grant, where do you start with preparing your application? Start at the end! Go through the entire application process and identify every piece of information you need Begin to organise all the supporting documentation that you will need. Often collecting all the required information may take weeks […]

Review the grant guidelines

Overview: Generally, each grant will have a set of guidelines designed to help applicants. One of the things that constantly amazes the grant providers is how many people do not take the time to read the grant guidelines. So often people simply go to the grant application form and start to answer the questions, only […]

Creating a successful grant application

The two most common reasons grants are unsuccessful Before we start looking at the application process it is really important to understand why a large number of grants are unsuccessful, and what goes into a successful grant application. The two most common reason grants are unsuccessful is that: the project didn’t satisfy the purpose of […]

Winning grants – Important grant information you need to know

What is a grant? “A grant is where a sum of money is given by an organisation to another for a specific purpose.” The key piece of wording here is the grant is provided for a specific purpose. A common mistake clubs make when applying for grants is that their application does not fit the […]

Learn to Swim Voucher Scheme – NT

The Learn to Swim Voucher Scheme grant is ongoing until otherwise notified. Territory toddlers aged up to five years will be eligible for $100 in swimming lessons a year funded by the Northern Territory Government’s Learn to Swim Vouchers. Through the Learn to Swim Vouchers, the Government’s aim is to prevent children from drowning in […]