Fit For Life Foundation

Fit For Life Foundation

National Grants

Applications Close: 15th February 2024

Every year, the Fit for Life Foundation awards grants to 3 non-profit organisations or social enterprises that are pioneering projects to promote life-long fitness, mobility, and health in aging societies around the world. 

The foundation provide multi-year support and international visibility to innovative, impactful projects promoting life-long fitness and health in rapidly aging societies worldwide.


To apply for the Fit for Life Awards, the organisation or initiative must be legally registered as a non-profit or social enterprise in its country/countries of operations.

The mission and activities of the organisation or initiative must directly address healthy aging for older (65+ years) or middle-aged people (40+ years). The program may focus on:

  • Physical fitness

  • Exercise and sport

  • Mental health

  • Mental well-being

  • Mobility

  • Nutrition

  • At-home care

  • Community support for older people

  • Prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

  • Other forms of preventative health support

Grants available ate $100,000 Euros over three years.

Please note that the Fit For Life Foundation is based in Liechtenstein and delivers funding to programs worldwide.