The Grants Hub’s 2019 Grants Program

The Grants Hub’s 2019 Grants Program

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The Grants Hub is committed to a strong and vibrant community and admires the initiative and fortitude of those who bravely ‘have a go’ and strive to make a difference in their world.

In the grants space we notice things. There are trends and flavours of the month which dictate funding. There is always a gap in the grants space. We can’t provide enough funds to fill the gap, but we can lead the way in ‘off-trend’ funding, that supports great initiatives, without an agenda or limiting criteria.

One gap we’re noticing is in the provision of small grants for volunteers, staffing, training and equipment in the Social Enterprise, Not-for-Profit and Business space. We know that a little hand up in these areas can make a real difference to the startup phase, sustainability, stability, development or longevity of projects.

So, to celebrate and support ideas, services and initiatives that are great for your specific community, we’re excited to announce Round One of our 2019 Grants Program. The total value of this round of funding is $4,000, distributed across four single grants.

We’ve increased our contribution to the fund pool in 2019, and have also rallied Access Solutions National and Pursuit Advisers to get on board, because we believe it makes a real difference in this space. We can’t wait to get your applications in and see what amazing things are happening around Australia.

The Grants

  • The Grants Hub Social Enterprise Grant – $1,000
  • The Grants Hub Not-for-Profit Grant – $1,000
  • Access Solutions National Social Enterprise (Disability) Grant – $1,000
  • Pursuit Advisers Gippsland Business Development Grant – $1,000

Objectives of the Grants Program

The objectives of this Grant Program are to:

  • Provide support and recognition to Australian-based Social Enterprises, Not-for-Profits, Businesses and their volunteers or staff
  • Encourage initiatives and ideas throughout Australia that build strong and vibrant communities
  • Provide access to resources to support these initiatives.

Eligibility Criteria

Each grant has its own eligibility criteria (see link)

The grants are open to incorporated Not-for-Profit organisations, registered Social Enterprises, and Businesses whose work is focussed within Australia.

Grant funds must be spent by 30 June 2020.

Click here for more information, and to apply!

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