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Grant Round 37 – Tasmania Funding Opportunity

Grant Round 37 of the Tasmanian Community Fund is now open. Applications for small grants (up to $20,000) will close at 5.00pm on 12 September 2018. Applications for medium grants ($20,001 to $90,000) will close at 5pm on 26 September. Stage 1 applications for large infrastructure grants ($100 000 to $300 000) will close on 22 August 2018. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in mid-December 2018.

All applicants are encouraged to read the guidelines thoroughly as they provide information on eligible projects, the feedback given to previous applicants, additional advice to applicants and advice on information to include within the application.

The Tasmanian Community Fund was established in 1999 to provide grants to not-for-profit organisations. The fund arose from the sale of the Trust Bank. The sale proceeds were used to gain two particular benefits to the community:

  • retirement of a portion of State debt; and
  • establish a community fund to distribute an annual appropriation to the community through grants.

The legislation provided that the appropriation would be maintained in line with the consumer price index.

Tasmanian Community Fund Act 2005

In 2005, Parliament passed stand-alone legislation which governs the Fund’s operations. The new legislation preserved the main principles enshrined in the original legislation, including:

  • the Board has full autonomy to set the Fund’s direction and award grants; and
  • funds provided to the Board for distribution are guaranteed and not subject to Budget deliberation.

Under the legislation, Board members must act honestly and in the best interests of the Tasmanian community, and to avoid any conflicts of interests.


Our vision is investing and strengthening Tasmanian communities.

For the Tasmanian Community Fund:

investing means

  • Achieving a return (to the Tasmanian community and to the region/local community)
  • having a balanced risk funding portfolio
  • providing funds, time and expertise.

strengthening means

  • building capacity
  • building resilience
  • building capability
  • leadership support.


We provide grants to community organisations that make a difference by improving the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the Tasmanian community.

Funding allocated

Since 2000, the Board has assessed around 8,300 applications for funding, requesting over $411 million.

The Board has awarded more than $93 million to more than 2600 projects. The amount of funds allocated, and the number and variety of project funded, makes the Fund a significant source of funding for Tasmanian community organisations.

We make grants to community organisations, investing in and strengthening Tasmanian communities by enhancing well-being and improving social, environmental and economic outcomes for the Tasmanian Community.

In 2016-17, total funding of $7.62 million was awarded to 182 projects.

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