Targeted Participation Program (TPP)

Targeted Participation Program (TPP)

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Closing on May 3rd 2021, the Targeted Participation Program (TPP) provides funding for organisations to promote participation and active engagement of Western Australian communities in sport and active recreation. Up to $150,000 in funding is available.

The focus is on evidence-based low participation groups. The targeted populations are:

  • Disengaged youth
  • Aboriginal
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD)
  • People with disability
  • Seniors (60+)
  • Insufficiently active
  • Adolescent girls (12 to 17)
  • Low socio-economic.
The department and Healthway are seeking applications for co-designed projects that create quality, affordable sport and active recreation opportunities with a focus on engaging low participation groups.
Projects are required to increase participation in physical activity and ensure participation pathways into community sport or active recreation either by:
  • Piloting an innovative targeted concept; or 
  • Expanding an evidence-based program.
Please contact the department to discuss any potential projects.


  • Community organisations
  • Local governments
  • State Sporting Associations.


Refer to the guidelines for more information before applying.

Targeted Participation Program guidelines 

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