Sunshine Coast – Unity Water Community Sponsorship Program

Sunshine Coast – Unity Water Community Sponsorship Program

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Applications for the 2019 Sponsorship Program are now open!

If you are a Noosa, Sunshine Coast or Moreton Bay community organisation looking to make a difference in your local community, we’d love to hear from you!

Please review the information for applicants below and contact us before completing your application at or 5409 3802.

We have some key criteria in place to help us select which projects, programs or events to sponsor.

Here are our guiding principles.

  1. Strategic 
    We support initiatives that enable community organisations to help us achieve our purpose: Keeping communities healthy.
  2. Aligned with our community focus
    The initiatives we support are clearly aligned with the goals and issues relevant to our business – environment, community development and community well-being.
  3. Collaborative 
    We foster long-term partnerships with mutual benefits and deliverables clearly articulated. The initiatives will engage multiple stakeholder groups and deliver outcomes that benefit a broad section of the community.
  4. Measurable
    Specific targets are set, clearly understood by both Unitywater and the recipient, reported and measured.
  5. Transparent
    We work with our stakeholders and community to engage appropriate recipients for each priority area. We communicate the rationale and outcomes of the program to the community.

Sponsorship Categories


To support projects or programs that improve the health, wellbeing and education of youth, and help to alleviate the impact of domestic violence and homelessness in our community.


  • To assist in the prevention of homelessness and domestic violence in our community
  • To improve services to support community members impacted by domestic violence and homelessness
  • To improve services to support the health, wellbeing and education of young people in our community
  • To increase interaction between individuals and community services / organisations in the areas of homelessness, domestic violence and youth.

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To support community projects, programs or events that deliver environmental improvements or environmental education with a particular focus on waterway health.


  • To improve outcomes for our region’s flora, fauna and biodiversity.
  • To reduce the community’s impact on the environment.
  • To increase community awareness of their local waterways and their role in protecting them.
  • Increase accessibility and community participation in environmental initiatives.

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To support projects or programs that reduce the impact and amount of single-use plastic waste in our community through education, innovation, awareness and behavioural change campaigns.


  • To educate the community on the impact of single-use plastic waste
  • To provide innovative solutions to reduce single-use plastic
  • To facilitate behavioural change to reduce single-use plastic water bottles.

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