Sport Voucher Scheme for Schools (NT)

Sport Voucher Scheme for Schools (NT)

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Grant Overview:

The Scheme supports active Territory families with the cost of getting involved in sport, active recreation and cultural activities. Every child living in the NT, from Transition to Year 12, who is enrolled in an NT school or registered for home-schooling, is eligible for the scheme.

In urban areas, school-enrolled students can apply for a $100 Sport Voucher twice per year (January and July).

The objectives of the Scheme are to:

  • develop core aquatic skills through structured play and water confident children;
  • increase participation of school-enrolled children in sport and active recreation. and cultural activities;
  • support the delivery of the Department’s focus on increasing activity in school-enrolled children living in the NT; and
  • help change the physical activity behaviours of children in the NT

Eligible activities

  • Offsetting the cost of active participation in structured after-school, weekend and school holiday sport, active recreation and cultural activities including programs, lessons, classes and workshops.
  • Music/instrumental lessons, instrument hire and swimming programs delivered by registered Activity Providers during school hours (vouchers must be redeemed by the registered Activity Provider, not the school).
  • Registration/membership fees.
  • Insurance fees.
  • Part of the value of a voucher, or the entire value of a voucher, can be used to purchase value-add items ONLY if the child has paid registration, insurance and membership fees in full. Value-add items must be purchased directly from the registered Activity Provider. Examples of such value-add items are:
    • Compulsory team or activity uniform/clothing, drink bottle, costume for performances, sport and active recreation equipment, instruments, instructional books, music scores and scripts.

Ineligible activities

  • Activities that occur during school hours or are part of the school curriculum, including school sports (with the exception of music/instrumental lessons, instrument hire and swimming programs delivered by registered Activity Providers during school hours).
  • Out of school hours care services and tutors for the education curriculum.
  • Activities that are directly administered by a school or school council, including collection of Sport
  • Vouchers by a school or school council on behalf of a registered Activity Provider.
  • Travel to and from competitions, programs and activities.
  • Interstate and intrastate representation costs.
  • Purchase of value-add items where the student is not registered in the related activity.
  • Purchase of equipment or uniforms direct from a retailer and not in conjunction with the activity.
  • Purchasing food and drinks.
  • Payments to Activity Providers that are not registered with the scheme.
  • Split payment of vouchers to multiple Activity Providers.
  • A cash refund for all or part of the value of the voucher.

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