Sport and Recreation Sustainability Program (SA)

Sport and Recreation Sustainability Program (SA)

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The Sport and Recreation Sustainability Program provides financial support for the leadership, policies and services provided by South Australian state sport and active recreation organisations and industry representative bodies.

Annual budget

$3,100,000; applicants can be funded up to $100,000 each year for up to 3 years.

Eligible organisations

State Sport and Active Recreation Organisations and Industry Representative Bodies with a turnover of $10 million or less.

To be considered for funding under this grant program, organisations must complete the Recognition process with the Office for Recreation and Sport. A list of the organisations that have completed the Recognition Process can be found here. If your organisation does not appear on this list, please email to discuss the requirements to complete the Recognition process.

If you are new to this grant program and have not already applied for Recognition with the Office for Recreation and Sport, please apply online resources_to_help_you_run_your_association.


Office for Recreation and Sport grants are managed through SmartyGrants. Please login to view the status of your grant application/s.

Once an application form has been received, typically the following process occurs:


The application is screened to ensure all question answered and important documents attached, the applicant and project meets the eligibility criteria.


A Funding Assessment Committee is established, the Committee assesses all applications and makes suggested recommendations to the Office for Recreation and Sport.


The Office for Recreation and Sport reviews the suggested recommendations, the final recommendations are forwarded to the Minister for Sport and Recreation for consideration.


Once the Minister for Recreation and Sport has approved grants, all applicants are notified in writing of the outcome.

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