Sponsorships Solved – Budget Direct

Sponsorships Solved – Budget Direct

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Sponsorships Solved

Want to make a positive impact in your community?
Budget Direct are here to help!

Striving to make a difference in your local community but need a financial leg-up?

As  their giving shows, they’re strong believers in supporting local communities.

If your organisation is eligible, you can apply for a Budget Direct sponsorship of $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000.

Who can apply?

Open to sponsoring registered organisations or associations that:

  • provide local or statewide community services
  • run community awareness and education programs
  • promote health and wellbeing (e.g. sports clubs)
  • advocate for road safety
  • provide emergency services
  • support in need or at-risk Australians
  • help build strong, vibrant communities.

When can I apply?

Each year there are four rounds of sponsorship funding:

RoundApplications openApplications close
11 June 201931 August 2019
21 September 201930 November 2019
31 December 201929 February 2020
41 March 202031 May 2020


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