Project Defib – Defibrillator Subsidies

Project Defib – Defibrillator Subsidies

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The Project Defib grant is ongoing until otherwise notified.

Project Defib provides every sporting club, school and not for profit in Australia with an opportunity to access over $1000 worth of subsidy to put towards the latest Lifeline Defibrillator package.

Grant Overview:

Every sporting club in Australia has access to a $1,600.00 subsidy.

This will enable sporting clubs to safeguarded their players, spectators & coaches with the most comprehensive defibrillator program.

Every year an alarming number of Sudden Cardiac Arrests occur in our sporting clubs.

What is even more alarming is the vast majority of clubs haven’t taken measures to safeguard their sporting community with the use of a defibrillator.

Project Defib is a national program brought to you by Red Cross College – the national training arm of Australian Red Cross.

This program will enable every sporting club in Australia access to the latest Lifeline VIEW Defibrillator. In order to assist in reducing the number of fatalities resulting from Cardiac Arrest.

Also, Project Defib will enable every club to receive a grant which will provide a comprehensive Defibrillator package at a subsidised cost.

We believe that forming a partnership with the individual sporting clubs is crucial and this includes ongoing national support and mentoring from our state and regional offices throughout Australia.

Therefore, we have combined resources of over 500 personnel in Australia.

Program cost to clubs: $2,600.00

Cost of program without subsidy: $4,200.00

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