Local Sporting Champions

Local Sporting Champions

Grants - Open grants, National Grants

This grant will close on the 30th of September, 2020.

The Local Sporting Champions program provides financial assistance for coaches, officials and competitors aged 12-18 participating in state, national or international championships.

If successful, applicants will receive $500-$750 towards the cost of attending their championships

  • Base Grant: $500
  • Applicants travelling 800km – 2000km to their nominated championships: + $100
  • Applicants travelling internationally or greater than 2000km to their nominated championships: + $200
  • Applicants residing in a rural electorate: + $50

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria

  • Be turning 12 to 18 years of age in the same calendar year as the nominated championships.
  • Be an Australian citizen or have been granted permanent resident status, residing in Australia.
  • Be participating as an athlete, coach, or match official in:
    • an official state championships endorsed by the relevant Sport Australia recognised national sporting organisation (NSO) or a School Sport Australia member body; or
    • an official national championships endorsed by the relevant Sport Australia recognised NSO or School Sport Australia; or
    • an international competition as a member of an official Australian team, endorsed by a Sport Australia recognised NSO or School Sport Australia.
  • Those attending a state championships must be living more than 125km from the championships venue, and travelling greater than 250km return to participate in the nominated championships*.
  • Must complete and submit the application prior to the nominated championships commencing**
  • May receive a maximum of two grants in the same allocation year (1 March – 28/29 February) for attending either:
    • one state or national championships and one international competition; or
    • two different international competitions.
  • Must incur out-of-pocket expenses equal to, or greater than, the grant amount they are eligible to receive.


* Those attending a national or international competition do not need to be travelling a minimum distance to be eligible.

**Saved applications must be completed and submitted prior to the championships commencing.

Along with meeting the eligibility criteria, to receive a grant applicants must abide by the program Terms and Conditions.

Get ready to Apply

Before you apply, remember you will have to know:

  • details of your selection for the championship you are going to
  • details of your parent/guardian’s details, and
  • details of a bank account to pay the money into.

You’ll also have to write a paragraph or two about why you are applying- to explain to us how committed you are to your sport why this competition is important to you.

You can save the application from step 6 and return to it later, but you need to finish and submit it before your competition starts. Learn how to save and and retrieve a saved application.

For more information and how to apply, click here.