Latrobe Valley Community Facility Fund

Latrobe Valley Community Facility Fund

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This program aims to support the Latrobe Valley region to build strong and resilient communities by investing in community-led initiatives and partnerships.

The Fund will support the Latrobe Valley region to build strong and resilient communities by investing in community-led initiatives and partnerships under the following two streams:
1. Liveable Latrobe Valley
– Supports projects that will make the Latrobe Valley a better place to live, attracting new businesses and residents and helping people to make a difference in their own community.
– Has four funding levels available:
a) Events: Up to $5,000 for smaller scale community events that bring people together to celebrate place or address important community issues; and up to $20,000 for larger scale community events that provide significant visitor economy benefit.
b) Community space upgrades: Up to $300,000 for community space upgrades that enhance well-being and social connection.
c) Town and major space upgrades: Up to $1 million for town infrastructure developments, major upgrades and visitor economy projects. These projects are expected to be managed by organisations with a strong track record of delivering similar projects with a sound financial and corporate capability or be led by local government.
d) Planning: Support for the development of project plans, strategies, business cases and master plans for organisations planning facility developments or significant visitor economy activities.

2. Socially Active Latrobe Valley
– Supports projects designed to make communities vibrant and active places to live.
– Has two funding levels available:
a) Socially active infrastructure: Up to $1 million is available for infrastructure projects.
b) Socially active capacity building: Up to $150,000 is available for socially active capacity building projects.

Applicants will be expected to make a financial contribution or source third party funding for the project. Contributions may be in cash and/or in-kind.

In-kind contributions must be:
– No more than 50% of the cash contribution.
– Valued at $20 per hour for unskilled work and $45 per hour for skilled work.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants include:
– Baw Baw Shire Council, Latrobe City Council and Wellington Shire Council.
– Not-for-profit organisations and community groups located within the Latrobe Valley region that are incorporated associations, corporations or co-operatives.
– Community-led consortia with a membership including local government, not-for-profit groups and private businesses.

All projects will be required to be endorsed/supported by the relevant local government authority (LGA).

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