Golf Scholarship Program

Golf Scholarship Program

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Closing on June 16 2021, The Golf Scholarship Program is a Victorian Government funding program to support the sport of golf in Victoria, by providing annual scholarships in three categories to encourage people to pursue careers in the golf industry. Up to $7,500 in funding is available.

The Golf Scholarship Program will fund professional development activities run by recognised entities that are aimed at enhancing skills in sport and recreation leadership and management. These activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • tuition costs, which are those costs directly related to the eligible course of study undertaken by a scholarship recipient (all categories)
  • study-related expenses (all categories)
  • attending relevant conferences and workshops (all categories)
  • leadership skills and management training (Category 1)
  • project or event management (Category 1)
  • media and communications training (Category 1)
  • other sports administration training (Category 1)
  • coaching, strength and conditioning, biomechanics, sports psychology, physiotherapy, nutrition and associated expenses (Category 2)
  • travel expenses (Category 2).

Category 1

Golf administration up to value of $7,500

Category 2

Golf athlete (amateur or professional) up to value of $7,500

Category 3

Horticulture/golf course design/architecture, up to value of $7,500

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