Emergency Sporting and Recreational equipment (Vic)

Emergency Sporting and Recreational equipment (Vic)

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This grant provides emergency assistance to grassroots sport and active recreation clubs and organisations to replace essential sporting or first aid equipment that has been lost or destroyed as a consequence of fire, flood, significant storm event, theft or criminal damage.

Applications can be submitted by local community sport and active recreation clubs which:

  • are non-government and not-for-profit
  • are registered as an incorporated body. If the club or organisation is not incorporated it must arrange a legally constituted organisation to manage the funds.
  • participate in an organised competition of a sport recognised by the Australian Sports Commission
  • adhere to and enforce the Fair Play Code (or) their relevant state sporting assocaition code of conduct/member protention policy which incrporates the Fair Play Code. 
  • comply with the expectations of the Victorian Anti-doping Policy 2012.
  • have satisfactorily met reporting requirements on any grants received from Sport and Recreation Victoria.

Grants are available towards the replacement cost of essential equipment owned by the club or organisation.

  • Equipment that is required for ongoing participation in an activity that is transferable to other participants and remains the property of the club/organisation (i.e. bats, match balls, equestrian jumps, racquets, gymnastic mats, team equipment kits and badminton nets)
  • Injury prevention equipment that is transferable (i.e. goal post padding, batting pads, gloves, goalie gear, helmets and catcher’s gear)
  • First aid equipment which is necessary for immediate attention to injury that may occur during participation in sport or active recreation

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