Championship grants – TAS

Championship grants – TAS

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Championship grants of up to $5 000 are on the table for eligible competitions that bring more than 200 competitors and supporters to Tasmania,

who stay in paid commercial accommodation for three nights or more, and are able to promote pre- and post-championship travel within the state as part of their event marketing.

How it works

Grants are available to eligible competitions, championships and sporting/gaming events that:

  • attract more than 200 people from outside Tasmania
  • staying three nights or more in paid commercial accommodation (hotel, motel, B&B, cabin)
  • promote pre- and post-championship holidays and regional touring as a part of their event promotion

Grants are valued at either $3 000 or $5 000 based on three criteria. If you meet the basic thresholds you can apply for a $3 000 grant, however if you meet two out of three significant thresholds you can apply for $5 000 in funding.

The criteria and thresholds are:

BASIC THRESHOLDS200-399All yearState-wide
SIGNIFICANT THRESHOLDS400 > March – NovemberOutside Greater Hobart


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