Aspirations 4 kids in Sport

Aspirations 4 kids in Sport

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The Aspirations 4 kids in Sport grant is ongoing until notified otherwise.

Grant Overview:

Aspirations 4 Kids in Sport will always support our ethos of assisting kids facing unique challenges to play sport. We will support eligible students through their sporting journey.

Only Principals are eligible to apply on behalf of students that attend their school.

If you are a principal and you believe that you have a student who may be eligible for funding we encourage you to apply by clicking on the ‘apply now’ button.

If you are a parent, we encourage you to go to your child’s school and ask them to apply on your child’s behalf.

Finding our next great story!

At Aspirations4Kids in Sport Ltd (A4K) we truly value the importance of investing in our Queensland school students and leveraging the huge role sport can play in improving the lives of thousands of Queenslanders annually.

Also, you too can assist us to give Qld kids a sporting chance!

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Primary Outcome

At A4K we are committed to helping children facing unique challenges aged 10-19 from schools around the state, who want to participate in representative school sport programs but are restricted from doing so due to circumstances of hardship.

A ‘needs’ assessment against our three cause categories helps us to determine the most worthy individual cases any of which may fall within the criteria of our causes.

We also offer a Scholarship to worthy recipients who qualify under our criteria.

Please note that while Aspirations4Kids in Sport will always support out ethos of assisting kids facing unique challenges to play sport.

However, it is not possible to assist everyone.

If your application is not successful, we would encourage you to explore other opportunities in the athletics environment.

Click here for more information and to apply.

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