AFL Victoria – Strategic Community Investment Fund (SCIF)

AFL Victoria – Strategic Community Investment Fund (SCIF)

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This program aims to respond to the local needs of clubs, leagues and regions to achieve strategic objectives, providing a platform for long-term, sustained success. It is a key pillar of the Victorian Community Football Initiative and is in addition to the AFL Community Relief Fund established to support local communities in fire-affected areas.

Grants available are:
– For individual club projects: Generally, be in the range of $1,000 – $30,000.
– For projects involving a commission/league and/or a collection of clubs: Up to $75,000 per project.

In exceptional circumstances, the AFL may consider requests above this amount, where the outcomes of the project justify a higher contribution and is considered to be of exceptional strategic importance.

A total funding pool of up to $1.5 million per year is available for three years starting 2020-21.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants include clubs, leagues, umpiring groups and commissions affiliated with the recognised State and/or regional football body, with a focus on (but not limited to) those in AFL Victoria Country regions.

Eligible Activities

Eligible potential projects include (but are not limited to):
1. For individual clubs
– A program that engages and encourages participation by diverse communities (multicultural, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, all abilities) in a club environment including club cultural awareness training.
– Support to establish and/or grow new female teams.
– Provide short-term financial support to distressed clubs (i.e. where a natural disaster may have impacted on the club’s ability to operate). In these instances, it should be demonstrated that a sustainable long-term future can be secured with SCIF support.
– Accounting support to improve a club’s financial structures (i.e. financial software and financial service).
– Costs associated with the establishment of new or amalgamated clubs (i.e. new jumpers, incorporation, start-up funding, recruitment drives, accreditation of trainers).
– A junior recruitment drive to boost participation for a club with dwindling junior numbers.
– Club development program/training to support a club establish a strategic plan.

2. For commissions/leagues
– A program that engages and encourages participation by diverse communities (multicultural, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, all abilities) in a region to participate.
– Support to establish and/or grow new female competitions.
– Establishment of a junior coordinator to support clubs in an area of social disadvantage to increase junior participation.
– Training or development programs that address a collection of club needs (i.e. junior coach development, mental health programs, club sustainability strategies).
– Independent reviews of league/region competition structures that support informed decision making around those structures.
– An umpiring recruitment or development program for the region.
– Research into regional participation issues (i.e. youth retention).

Main Assessment Criteria

The main assessment criteria include:
– What will the project achieve? (50%)
– Why is this project required? (20%)
– How will the project be delivered? (20%)
– Who will be involved in the project? (10%)

Please refer to the Guidelines for the complete list of the assessment criteria.


The following are ineligible for funding:
– Projects that are deemed to have little positive impact on participation levels in Australian Football
– Facility related projects (these are eligible via the AFL’s Australian Football Facilities Fund which can be accessed via your relevant State Football Body)
– Player payments
– Projects that require ongoing funding assistance
– Projects that don’t lead to sustainable outcomes (i.e. this should not be seen as a short term ‘survival fund’)
– Projects that will receive AFL related funding support through a separate existing program
– Routine or cyclical maintenance works
– Retrospective funding for a project that commenced or been completed

This grant closes on the 15th of April, 2020.

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