Active Regional Communities Grants (WA)

Active Regional Communities Grants (WA)

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Active Regional Communities (ARC) aims to increase the opportunities for regional people to participate in sporting and active recreational activities in regional Western Australia and is tailored to meet the ever changing demands and challenges of sport and active-recreation groups within the nine diverse regions of Western Australia.

Funding categories

  1. Participation: initiatives that increase community and player participation with a focus on targeting new members. This category also includes initiatives that specifically target Aboriginal people and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) populations.
  2. Capacity Building: initiatives that improve the knowledge, skills and capabilities of people involved in a sport or active recreation organisation.
  3. Event Hosting: hosting of a significant inter-regional or higher level competition as recognised by the State Sporting Association in regional Western Australia. Annual events can only be funded for a maximum of three (3) years which would be reviewed and assessed annually by the regional office as to the State Government investment value.

Funding may be used for

  • Running of programs – (payment of staff and coaches will not be considered when program activities fall within their normal duties)
  • Coaching clinics
  • Volunteer training
  • Project or program administration (no more than 10% of total funding)
  • Coaching accreditation courses
  • Referee or umpire accreditation courses
  • Equipment (approved, integral to the project or program, remains the property of the organisation and funded up to 30%).

Funding may not be used for

  • Construction of sport or recreation facilities
  • Projects undertaken outside of Western Australia
  • Additional funds or recurring funds for a project already funded by a Sport and Recreation (WA) grant program
  • Prize money or trophies
  • Merchandise (e.g. clothing, water bottles, mugs, key rings, etc.)
  • One off camps and events – regular activities over a period of time are preferred
  • Individual membership fees
  • Catering costs.

Assessment criteria

  • An assessment will be made to determine if the application is eligible by assessing it against the grant criteria. If approved, a Grant Agreement will be entered into which outlines the grant conditions and acquittal requirements. Once signed and returned, the grant will be paid directly to the applicant body (organisation/association).

Who can apply

  • State Sporting Associations (SSAs) that oversee regional operations or are representing a local club or association;
  • Regional sporting, club or active recreation organisations recognised as the industry regional representative body;
  • Not-for-profit community organisations involved in the conduct of sport or physically active recreation;
  • Other community not-for-profit community organisations; and
  • In the absence of a suitable sport or recreation organisation, a local government is eligible to apply.

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