SROP (Sport and Recreation Operational Program) ACT

SROP (Sport and Recreation Operational Program) ACT

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Please note: No further financial assistance will be provided until all outstanding grants provided by Sport and Recreation (except for current year’s funding) have been successfully acquitted, including financial acquittals for any other ACT Government agency grant.


These guidelines provide details for organisations wishing to apply for operational funding for the relevant calendar year from the Sport and Recreation Operational Program (SROP). This is an ACT Government grant program administered by Sport and Recreation.

The funding provided by Sport and Recreation is limited and as such, all applications will be assessed on relative merit. It is not possible to approve all requests for assistance, therefore grant funding should not be deemed automatic or anticipated.

These guidelines supersede all terms and conditions contained in previous guidelines administered by Sport and Recreation. All funding is subject to the appropriation of funds through the ACT Government budget process.

Primary Objective

The primary objective of the SROP is to provide financial assistance to eligible sport and physical recreation organisations to support participation in active lifestyles through the delivery of quality programs and services for the benefit of the Canberra community.


The intended outcomes of the SROP are:

  • increased community access and participation in sport and physical recreation;
  • increased participation in active lifestyles, particularly for children and young people;
  • enhanced health and well being through active participation in sport and physical recreation;
  • improved management, service delivery and administration practices in sport and physical recreation organisations;
  • increased employment opportunities within the industry; and
  • increased access to education and training opportunities.

General Eligibility

An Organisation applying for funding under the SROP must:

  • be recognised by Active Canberra as the ACT Peak Body representative prior to application (see Peak Body Criteria for more information);
  • be a not for profit organisation;
  • be incorporated in the ACT under, either the Associations Incorporation Act 1991, or the Corporations Act 2001 (Commonwealth);
  • deliver programs within the ACT;
  • have current Public Liability Insurance coverage to a minimum level of $10,000,000;
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • be registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) if applicable (if turnover is greater than $150,000 per annum);
  • have compliance requirements under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 up to date; and
  • have satisfactorily acquitted all previous grants provided by Active Canberra (except for current year’s funding).

Peak Body Criteria

ACT Peak Body organisations must meet the following criteria:

  • the organisation must have been incorporated within the ACT for a minimum of three consecutive years;
  • the organisation must have the primary purpose in the development of not for profit sport and recreation activity articulated in the organisations written constitution;
  • the organisation must have a current Drugs in Sport Anti Doping Policy (unless exempted by Sport and Recreation);
  • the organisation must have a current Member Protection Policy;
  • The organisation must be an umbrella organisation, or the pre-eminent organisation with responsibility for that activity within the ACT (when a dispute exists, this will be determined by which organisation is recognised by the Sport Australia (SA) at the national and/or international level); or
  • be the organisation taking responsibility for the activity within the ACT.

Organisations who wish to apply for recognition as the ACT Peak Body for their respective activity will have to complete the Peak Body Application Form available by contacting the Grants Officer at Sport and Recreation.

If you are unsure of the current status of your organisation please contact the Grants Officer at Sport and Recreation on 6207 6195.

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