EyeGuide joins as Sports Community’s Brain Wellness Partner

EyeGuide joins as Sports Community’s Brain Wellness Partner

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Sports Community is excited to announce eye tracking technology company EyeGuide as its Community Brain Wellness Partner.

EyeGuide provides state-of-the-art eye tracking technology to help capture important data about your brain health using a fast, objective and affordable solution. This solution is used in Australia, New Zealand, US, UK and Europe to manage the wellbeing of professional and amateur sporting teams.

With the importance of promoting mental health in not only professional sport but community sport as well, EyeGuide replaces the basic ‘finger test’ with a 10 second eye test that can provide clubs, players and parents with a report of a player’s brain health over time.

Sports Community CEO Steve Pallas said the partnership is exciting for community sports across Australia.

“Sports Community’s focus has always been supporting its community in providing the best and safest environment for grassroots sports and partnering with EyeGuide fits into that,” Pallas said.

“It is of great concern that so many athletes and community sporting clubs are reliant on outdated, subjective methods to analyse the brain. We need to do more than just ask people if they have headache or if they remember the score. We need to embrace modern technologies such as EyeGuide to more objectively analyse the brain and look after the wellbeing of our athletes.”

EyeGuide Director Shane Keating said:

“Partnering with Sports Community provides an important platform for us to teach and provide modern solutions to local community clubs on how they can manage brain wellness.” Keating said.

“Our technology is used by a range of local and professional organisations here and across the globe and we feel it is incredibly vital to improve the assessment of brain wellness in community sport.”

EyeGuide will supply Sports Community with materials and research on brain health in elite and community sport that will be a part of the information hub.

For more information on EyeGuide, visit www.eyeguide.tech and for a consultation on how EyeGuide can help your community club, contact shane@eyeguide.tech