Coaching Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the untapped advantage for better decision making

Dates: Tuesdays

  • 21st June
  • 28th June
  • 5th July

Time: 7:00 – 8:00pm AEST

Venue: From the comfort of your own home

Cost: $39.95 (GST Included)

Quite often an athlete doesn’t know what the term ‘emotional intelligence’ is and what it means, yet it is quite a useful tool for athletes to learn and understand to help them be successful.

Emotional intelligence is defined as the capacity to recognise and utilise emotional states to change intentions and behaviours. Emotionally intelligent people have an advantage in being successful in sport because they are able to get themselves into the appropriate emotional state that is demanded based on the situation of the sporting match.

It ultimately allows people make better decisions over the course of a game and enables them to respond to situations logically, controlled and with purpose. With our help, we are here to ensure you truly understand what emotional intelligence is!

This Sports Community Webinar Series will give you the insight and importance of how to tap in to your emotional intelligence and how you can use it as an advantage in gaining success on the sporting field. We will share strategies and methods with you that will help you discover your inner leadership competencies and help you control your emotions to suit the sporting circumstances.

In this series, the following will be covered over the three sessions:

– Self-knowing, self-confidence and self-reliance

– Relationship skills and empathy

– Emotional self-control and self-awareness

– Preparing the important questions for self-reflection

– Soft skills in conversations

– Reading and reflective insights

– Handling interference and distractions

– Being present in the moment

– The energy from breathing, quiet space and self-talk

Additional Information about the Session:

You can log in to your session 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.
This is a great opportunity to check your connection as well as make the most of the time with your presenter and other participants. During this 30 minutes you can ask any questions specific to your club and ensure you get the answers you are looking for.

After the session a recording of the course will be sent to you to view at your leisure. (Please note: Free webinars are not recorded)

For most courses you will not only receive the webinar training but also a worksheet and links to the best resources in the country on your training topic.

Presenter: Steve Pallas

CEO of Sports Community

Steve's vision of a one-stop shop for all grassroots sports club where club volunteers and administrators can learn, share and grow has come to fruition in Sports Community. His passion for working with local grassroots sports clubs led him to developing Sports Community from just an idea into a multimedia information portal with a thriving online community.