EyeGuide is a simple, fast and non-invasive eye test which captures objective data to better understand brain wellness.

By gathering valuable data about the brain’s health in just 10 seconds, you can better understand and manage the effects of sporting incidents, fatigue and other factors that may affect the wellbeing of your team.

EyeGuide is for coaches, managers, doctors and leaders invested in the wellbeing of their team members


Currently the assessment of brain function is dominated by subjective techniques such as asking athletes if they remember the score in their game, if they have a headache or using the traditional “follow my finger” test. EyeGuide’s eye tracking technology provides a more objective method to analyse the brain’s health and provide reports that can be easily understood by players, parents, physios, doctors and club officials.

With over 8 years of research and 16,000 tests, EyeGuide is currently being used in professional and amateur sports such as AFL, rugby league, rugby union as well as school based sports to promote the wellbeing of their players.

We appreciate the financial situation amateur sporting clubs face so we have tailored 3 different pricing models to ensure all sporting clubs, no matter how large or small, can afford the technology.

EyeGuide Focus comes in a rugged case, and is simple to set up, use and pack up, making it mobile and convenient for all settings.