Child protection

Child protection

Australian Capital Territory

Working with Children – ACT

The Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011 (the WWVP Act) commenced on 8 November 2012. It aims to reduce the risk of harm or neglect to vulnerable people in the ACT.

The WWVP Act requires those who work or volunteer with vulnerable people to have a background check and be registered.

The premise of background checking is that the past behaviour of an individual can provide an indication of the possible future behaviour of that individual. Examples or patterns of abusive or inappropriate behaviour can sometimes be evident in information available for assessment, which includes an individual’s criminal record.

Working with vulnerable children – general information

Access Canberra has created an easy to use website that provides important information for organisations and clubs who provide activities for children and vulnerable people. The Access Canberra WWVP information can be accessed by clicking here

What does it mean for sports clubs?

If you are a sports clubs who offers activities for juniors and children or if you do paid work or volunteer in junior or disability sports in the ACT, Access Canberra have identified how working with vulnerable children will relate to sports clubs.
Head to their webpage to find out more.

Access Canberra have also developed a pamphlet to assist clubs to understand their obligations, download it here

Who needs to apply for WWVP background check?

Access Canberra has developed an online test to help you determine whether you are working or volunteering in a regulated activity and whether you will be required to be registered. Click here for details.

How do I apply for WWVP?

To apply for a WWVP registration card follow these three easy steps.

Complete an application for WWVP registration here

Attend your local Access Canberra Service Centre to verify your identity and have your photo taken.

Receive your WWVP registration card by post after Access Canberra has assessed your application.

There is no registration cost to volunteers unless they are also employed in another service that is considered to be a regulated activity. A registration fee is charged if you are intending to do paid work with vulnerable people.

If you have registered for another purpose previously you can use your current WWVP registration card for any regulated activity.

If you do paid work or volunteer in junior or disability sports in the ACT you:

  • must hold a current WWVP registration card;
  • must carry your card at all times when involved in a regulated activity;
  • must produce your card when asked by an authorised person or police; and,
  • should produce your card when asked by parents and carers.

Download more information here

Further information

If you need more information about ensuring your club meets its WWVP obligations contact Access Canberra by either:

Visiting your local Access Canberra office (click here for your nearest office).

Call 13 22 81