Sponsorship Inclusions

Many clubs only ask sponsors for cash sponsorship but there are many different ways that businesses can support your club and be of great value.

These include:

  • Donating goods and services
  • Access to the resources or staff of the sponsor

Often for clubs, receiving goods and services from sponsors can be even more valuable than simply receiving cash. Your club may need these goods or services but not be able to afford them. If raising funds is the focus, your club can create social functions or fundraising activities based around the donations. For example, your club may choose to run an auction night or incorporate an auction into another club function, in order to generate significant income for the club. Donated goods and services from sponsors often have the potential to raise significantly more cash than the sponsor would otherwise have been able to contribute.

Receiving donated goods and services also allows many local businesses to be involved that may otherwise have not been able to. A great number of businesses are usually happy to contribute goods because they can use old models or ask their own suppliers for contributions that they can then give to the club. By donating services, the only cost to the business is time and equipment, which may be easier for them to commit. When receiving donations of services, your club can choose to use them for fundraising if generating income is the club goal or alternatively can use these services within the club.

Other local companies such as the local accountant or website developer may not be able to contribute funds to your club but may happily produce the clubs financial statements or run the club’s website, which can be a great relief to many clubs. When looking for sponsors it is a good idea to consider if there are any areas of the club that could use support and approach businesses in these areas that may be able to assist. This can create a win-win situation for both the club and business.

Why Clubs seek Sponsors?

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