7.7 Raffles

Raffles have been used for generations by clubs, with great success. Let’s look at why they have been so successful for so long and find a way to put a modern twist on them!

Firstly we better just consider what a raffle is:

The Oxford Dictionary defines raffle as:

“A means of raising money by selling numbered tickets, one or some of which are subsequently drawn at random, the holder or holders of such tickets winning a prize”

Why have raffles been so effective?
From our perspective, the concept of a raffle is almost the perfect model of how a club should operate.

It engages everybody at your club to sell a small number of tickets and because tickets are usually cheap and affordable everybody is willing to sell their share.
It’s generally understood and expected that everybody will sell at least a minimum amount of tickets and is known to be part of sporting club culture.

Most tickets are also sold by club members to their friends and family outside the club. This is important because it allows clubs to fundraise outside the traditional groups of players and supporters of the club who may feel like they are always putting their hands in their pocket.

If your club has a passionate group of players and supporters willing to get in and work hard to sell the tickets you can certainly raise some serious funds.

For example:
If you have 100 players who all sell 10 tickets at $10 = $10,000

Having the right prizes can be very important.

A good place to start when considering raffle prizes is to talk to your sponsors and see what they are able to offer or source on your behalf.

Do consider carefully how much you spend on prizes because a common trap for clubs is that the prizes cost more than the raffle makes. Taking into account costs of the prizes you also need to ensure the prizes are engaging enough to create a buzz of excitement and a reason to buy a ticket!

Online raffles
With today’s technology there are now a number of options for setting up your raffles online.

There are huge advantages to doing this including being able to use your email newsletters and social media to promote the raffle to your audience and no matter where in the world they are located they are able to simply click on a link, buy a ticket and support your club.

This is the easiest fundraising of all when all you have to do is ask you audience to buy a ticket and they do it online. There are very few volunteer hours involved once everything is set up and people can buy the tickets easily.

Established External Raffles
Another option is to use raffles that are already established. For example the People’s Choice Credit Union hold an annual auction where they organise all the prizes (this year over $350,000), all the necessary permits and the for every ticket the club sells they get to keep 100% of the proceeds. No catch. People’s Choice use this as a marketing and promotional activity but for many clubs it is a good idea because all they do is organise to sell tickets.
If you want to check out the People’s Choice Community Lottery go to www.peopleschoicecu.com.au/community-lottery-home/.

Rules and Laws
Each state and territory has different rules relating to raffles and lotteries.

Check out at www.sportscommunity.com.au/club-admin/
for the different legislative requirements.

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