What is Sponsorship?

For many clubs, sponsorship is the financial lifeblood of the club. Raising funds through sponsorship doesn’t have to be difficult, but before we look at the strategies for attracting and maximising sponsorship packages let’s look at some basic fundamental concepts of sponsorship.

Put simply, sponsorship is a mutually beneficial business relationship between two parties, the business (sponsor) and the club (sponsored).

In terms of sporting clubs, having sponsors can significantly help clubs to reach their goals and objectives. The financial support of sponsors is often used to reduce the costs of players, of uniforms and competitions while also supporting the general running of the club.

Sponsorship may be in the form of cash, donated goods and services or access to the resources or staff of the sponsor.  These goods and services can become more valuable than simply cash sponsorship through fundraising events or specialised services.

For many clubs competing in semi-professional competitions, where some or all of the participants get paid, their hopes and dreams may actually rest on the ability of the sponsorship Co-ordinator to attract a high level of sponsorship to the club.

The more sponsorship revenue raised, the more players of (perceived) better quality they can recruit and the better their chances of success. For these clubs their season hinges on the performance of somebody who doesn’t even take the field. A volunteer who may or may not even want to do the job and may or may not have the skills to be successful. We are amazed how often we see this reality in clubs, and the worst part about it is they don’t realise their season’s success is effectively in the hands of one person, the Sponsorship Co-ordinator.

Sponsorship Inclusions

Many clubs only ask sponsors for cash sponsorship but there are many different ways that businesses can support your club and be of great value. These include: Donating goods and services ...

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