Why do I need Licences and Permits?

Many events club hold actually need licenses and permits from Council or other bodies.

The idea of licences and permits can be overwhelming for many clubs and volunteers. It is however extremely important the you club organises these early in the planning process. Licences and Permits take time to be issued and without them your event may need to be cancelled.

One of the main reasons of licences and permits is to ensure community safety. As event organisers the safety of your volunteers, attendees, and other community members is paramount. Regardless of the activity your club should check with the local council for the required licences and permits. Your club may not have considered an aspect of safety or may not be aware of how your activity will affect the wider community.

Club Reputation
When operating an event that disrupts the local community, doing this without a permit can be damaging to the image of your club. You may find that neighbours or the general public will complain about things such as noise or restricted access to parking. Operating without a permit or license means that you may not be adhering to council requirements and this can certainly damage the way the local community feels about your club.

Risking your event
Failing to hold the required permits and licences can result in your event being cancelled, or even worse, shut down mid way through. It is important that on the day your club has a printed copy of your permits and licences should anyone question your club’s plans.

Risking your event
Many clubs have received fines, often more than the event actually made for the club, after their event simply because they didn’t have the right permits and licenses.

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