Gambling on grassroots sports must be avoided at all costs

The Australian Gambling Research Centre which is a part of the federal government’s Australian Institute of Family Studies published in early November 2014, a report titled “Sports Betting and Advertising”. This innocuously titled report highlights the very deep ramifications arising from sports betting and its associated advertising campaigns that use sport as their platform. The […]

Fast Forward 20 Years – What will be different for Community Sports Clubs

Youth Sports Trust, an English charity “devoted to changing young people’s lives through sport” recently released their latest research (undertaken in partnership with the Future Foundation). The research sought to determine “What role PE, Sport and physical activity play in the development of our future generations”. Cleverly they titled the resulting outcomes “Class of 2035”. […]

Salary cap discussions expose an ethical leadership dilemma for clubs

In a previous life I had the honour and pleasure of being the CEO of the Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League (MPNFL). At the time, 2007 -2008, the MPNFL was a combination of three separate football leagues and a netball league. During my CEO tenure one of the biggest issues continually raised by clubs was […]

Changing the gender imbalance in Australian sports coaching

At the IGW Women and Sport conference held in Helsinki in June 2014 the International Council for Coaching Excellence presented an analysis of the coaches attending the 2012 London Olympics. The results were startling! Of the 3,225 accredited coaches at the 2012 London Olympics 89% or 2,867 were male and only 358 or 11% were […]