Cricket World Record for Men’s Mental Health

TW: Suicide Suicide is something that has a devastating impact on everyone; families, friends and whole communities. The following statistics may be confronting. Behind every number is a human life. It is important that the world continues to advocate, educate and work to keep people safe until a vision of Australia being free of suicide […]

Hey Sport, RUOK ?

In today’s society, mental health has become an extremely important topic that has been brought to light over the last few years. Our understanding and acknowledgement of what mental illness truly is has developed to a level where it’s something that gains a lot of focus and attention due to its prominence in just about […]

National Ride2Work Day

According to the Department of Health, currently more than half (55%) of adults do not meet the physical activity guidelines and 2 in 3 (70%) children aged 2 to 17 also do not meet the guidelines. The Covid-19 pandemic also had a significant influence on individuals participating in physical activity, adding extra barriers especially for […]

Sports Uniforms – Removing the Barrier for Girls in Sport

More and more girls are beginning to play sport every year, and it is awesome to see. However, research is showing that some girls do not want to participate in physical active because they feel embarrassed or feel they are putting their bodies on display and they do not feel like they meet society’s beauty […]

Inclusion in Sporting Clubs

As the world has progressed it is important that we recognise and understand that in all aspects of life, we need to be inclusive to all types of people and don’t discriminate against an individual because of something that makes them different. According to Vic Sport, the term inclusion refers to what we do to […]

Introducing The No Nasties Project!

Sports Community is proud to acknowledge and bring attention to the fine work that is being completed by The No Nasties Project. The No Nasties Project is on a crusade to remove 500 tons of sugar from Australians without removing the fun or yum. For every ton they remove, they are donating $100 to support […]

10 Reasons to Volunteer at your Club

In this modern age, it seems many people just aren’t as interested in sports volunteering as they were in the past. There are numerous reasons why your community should get involved in your sports club, and we’ve listed them below! 1. Everyone has a different set of skills that need sharing – Sports clubs around […]

Healthy Eating for Athletes – The Benefits and Food Suggestions

For young athletes across the country looking to evolve and go from being an amateur to a professional, it is extremely important that they take care of their body and prepare for their sporting event by consuming a diet that is suitable, healthy and beneficial. There is a clear link between good health and good […]

The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on the Body

The consumption of alcohol and drugs can lead to dangerous, lasting effects on the human body. It is important that before people make the choice to take or consume either of these, that they know and understand the risks involved. Drugs Different types of drugs can affect the human body in various ways and can […]

10 Signs that Someone is Struggling

In today’s society, it is common with the amount of adversity and pressures that are presented to us daily, for the everyday individual to experience a mental health issue. One in seven Australians will experience depression in their lifetime. One in seven Australians is currently experiencing an anxiety condition. One in six Australians is currently […]

The Dangers of Having Poor Food Hygiene in your Canteen

The Dangers of having Poor Food Hygiene in your Canteen   It is the role of anyone who cooks and prepares food for people, to ensure that you are safely serving food to members of the public, including people that you care for.   Majority of the time, individuals tend to overlook the effects of poor hygiene automatically thinking […]

The Importance of Hydration

The Importance of Hydration  As members of our community head into Australia’s fiery and scalding Summer, it is important to remind our friends and family to stay hydrated each and every day because it is such an important factor for our overall health.  The human body depends on fluid, specifically water to survive. Each cell, […]